True North is an entrepreneurial private investment firm specializing in the acquisition, management and acceleration of exceptional, closely held small businesses. We are particularly adept at creatively collaborating with selling entrepreneurs to leverage the core strengths of their businesses as the foundation for value creation.

True North makes control investments in companies demonstrating historically consistent financial performance. These companies are often mature businesses enjoying high margins as a leader in an attractive niche with identifiable growth prospects. We leverage our extensive operational experience as entrepreneurs and executives of fast growing companies to improve performance, introduce technology and assist management in creating undiscovered value.

We partner with successful entrepreneurs looking for a full or partial exit. We are particularly interested in owners wishing to retain some equity in order to enjoy a “second bite of the apple” by working together to invest in new value creation built upon the core strengths of the business. In all cases, our hallmark is creativity in adapting to the unique needs of each business owner to craft a partnership that sets the business on course for success.

We select and oversee our companies with a simple, consistent philosophy:

  1. We want to own outstanding companies and provide them with the tools to further improve performance.
  2. We partner with management to invest in new opportunities for growth.
  3. We believe that the most important assets in any business are the people who run them and work at them everyday.
  4. We focus on long-term success, not short-term gains.
  5. All of our actions will reflect the highest standard of integrity.

True North Companies has a track record of identifying niche businesses with superior management and excellent cash flow. We use this cash flow to continuously invest in our companies, helping them to grow both organically and through tuck-in acquisitions. For more on our track record in private equity value creation, see our case studies highlighting successful partnerships between True North and our selling entrepreneurs >> Read More…