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We are a multi-national organization focused on building, acquiring and growing breakthrough brands through hands-on leadership, operations and a focus on measurable results. We have companies across multiple industries including healthcare, real estate, entertainment, consumer durables and aerospace, with a particular specialty in building franchise organizations. 

Our team of specialists is shared across the brands, providing each company access to top-performing subject matter experts without having to bear all the cost for the most demanding and rapidly evolving disciplines. 

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

We have achieved significant growth across our family of brands through a unique approach to managing our businesses. Our team of specialists are shared across the brands, which provides each company access to top-performing subject matter experts without having to bear all the cost of dedicated talent for the most demanding and rapidly evolving disciplines. At True North, we focus mainly on four core competencies: innovation, technology, data science and digital marketing.

Our Companies

While spanning the healthcare, entertainment, real estate and aerospace industries, our companies share important core characteristics: commitment to innovation and market leadership, emphasis on operations and technology to create efficiencies, and a laser focus on measurable results.


More than anything, we are in the people business: they make up who we are and drive where we’re going. They are the lifeblood of the organization. And that’s why we are proud to support the over 12,000 passionate and talented people throughout the world that choose to work under one of True North’s companies every day.

Data Driven

Being data driven means never having to wonder if something is successful. It doesn't guarantee success, but informs if you are on the right track or need to pivot your strategies. At True North, nothing is done that cannot be tracked and measured. We have an internal team of data experts that are fully focused on organizing, cleaning and mining each company’s data, translating this rich raw material into accessible learning and reports that can be applied across disciplines.


Technology makes up the backbone of True North. We see it as the enabler for growth, operational efficiencies and innovation. We avoid the trap of being wedded to a bunch of third-party tools and resources upon which our companies have to rely day-to-day and are at the mercy of when something goes wrong. Our team of top-performing developers build proprietary tools and systems which can be shared across brands but are uniquely customizable to each company’s needs.


It’s not enough to have a digital presence - everyone has a website these days. At True North, we pride ourselves on our deep knowledge of how to raise our companies above the fray, getting them in front of the right people, at the right time, and with the right message. We are obsessed with SEO and focus on dominating the SERP. We are expert at engaging with our customers where they are, from social media feeds to email and texts. And by measuring every single thing we do, we keep getting better and better.


Our entrepreneurial DNA makes it impossible for us not to innovate. It is what drives our need to start our own concepts like inDispense, which is poised to transform the pharmaceutical industry and change the way we access prescription medication forever. But it is also evident in our disruptor approach to each of our companies, exploring approaches outside the lines that enable us to leapfrog the competition and catalyze our growth.

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